1. Go watch Harry Brown, Michael Caine kicks a lot of ass in this movie, it’s a pretty dark film.

  2. Shining “twins” shot glass that my friend made me.


  4. "Columbo. God, I fucking love Columbo."
    — Vince Gilligan (via danforth)
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  6. ruckawriter:

    I miss Columbo. I miss Peter Falk.

  7. duck-rabbit:

    So I was watching the third episode of Columbo on Netflix and this is the face he makes when he tricks the bad guy. I think we should nominate it for some sort of “best face ever made by a human” award. 

  8. zpxlng:

    I’ve never had much of a knack for likeness and caricature, but even given that, Peter Falk is hard to get right. His face is distinctive but in subtle ways. And his eyes are like… big and small at the same time.

    Anyway I’m happy enough with these attempts I guess.

    Merry Christmas?

  9. thephantomasthmatic:

    The actual look that every murderer gives when Columbo finally leaves the room.

  10. mylastwordsbeforeidie:

    Initiative comes to thems that wait. 

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